FWS - Fletofix Web Service is Best Web Development Service Company in Bangladesh. We Specialize in any type of Customs Website Design and Web Development & Software Solutions.

Web improvement is the indispensable region that spotlights developing the technology to make a significant sense to the usefulness and client experience of a site according to the client's requirement.Our team of experienced professionals have the technical expertise to build any website from scratch, or to help you update an existing website.

Best Web Development Service

FWS is the world’s leading full-service website design and web development company

We offer our customers a wealth of software expertise. We create diverse and complex web solutions for any business need. We will transform your ideas into reality from scratch, designed especially for your business. We believe that our clients are the key to our success, and we strive to exceed their expectations

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 At FWS - Fletofix Web Service , our developers strive for agile, efficient, and audience-centric deliverables to suit your project demands. This way, you can boost your business in next to no time.

E-Commerce Development

Equip your online business with the latest e-commerce functionalities. From chatbots to open carts and dealing with complex coding on the backend, we’ve got you covered.

CMS Development

Take control of how you update, change, modify, and tweak content without attending coding sessions using our CMS development system.

Node JS Development

FWS is one of most trusted Node.js developing company in Dhaka Bangladesh. Build easy-to-use and efficient applications using Node.js' asynchronous JavaScript runtime environment. Our team uses Node.js for web and mobile to develop customized, cost-effective and scalable applications.

Static Web Design

A static website runs on HTML that is coded, usually by a website designer or developer. In a static website, every single page — About, Contact, Home, and so on — has its own HTML file. Static websites, also called HTML websites, can accomplish many different goals.

Web App Solutions

Impactful, efficient, and easy-to-use – our developers are known for offering web app solutions ranging from landing pages, single-page web applications, and more to spike your audience’s interest.

Web API Development

With the increase in demand of the Internet in our everyday life, individuals find different approaches to speak with each other. Presently individuals are getting acquainted with the APIs, web services for client employments. APIs permits the clients to associate with the server through secure channel.

PHP Development

FWS- Fletofix Web Service is a leading PHP web development company in India that offers customized PHP web and mobile development services that seamlessly integrate with new and existing applications using a robust support library.

We also provide software development services, from creating custom applications to integrating existing systems. Our team of experienced professionals have the technical expertise to build any website from scratch, or to help you update an existing website.

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