FWS - Fletofix Web Service is one of the best full service digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. We provide 360 digital solutions

Fletofix Web Service - FWS is the Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh. Top Digital Marketing Agency in Dhaka Bangladesh.FWS provides the best digital marketing services in Bangladesh and all over the world. We are one of the top 10 digital marketing companies in Bangladesh.

Best Digital & Social Media Marketing Company in Bangladesh

Fletofix Web Service - FWS, one of the top social media and digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh, provides a2z solutions for any business to go digital and become a success in this age. Internet and gadgets has changed the way consumers interact with brands. FWS help your business to adapt to the change and succeed.​

Affordable Digital Marketing Services

FWS is the Digital Media Management Company based in Bangladesh. We help the world’s leading brands in marketing, advertising, lead generation, sales, commerce and research on SEO, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels worldwide – all on an integrated platform.

Search Engine Optimization

The creative art and science of optimizing content so that you can increase position when you look at the SERPs

Search Engine Marketing

(SEM) Paid marketing and advertising on sites keywords which can be included display.

Pay Per Click

Organic and paid circulation is certainly content brand building on popular social networking sites such as Fb, Insta, etc.

Social Media strategy

Digital Yetch has a special team for social media which turns out to be a very good strategy.

Content Marketing

Commission-based advertising on conversion rates through partners and networks.

Creative Design

We create powerful visuals which have the capacity to get the target audience for your business

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving

Are you losing business?

Best Digital Marketing Services Company

FWS – Fletofix Web Service is really a GoTo that is trusted in Market & Brand Consulting, Experiential Design, and Digital Marketing agencies in Dhaka Bangladesh. Our mission is to assist brands in providing better service to their customers. 


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Our Digital Marketing Approch

Research and Planning

This is actually ever-connected we make use of analysis, analytics, and imagination to gain a definite and profound understanding of unmet consumer needs and options to higher understand this world. These insights are acclimatized to develop ROI for companies.

Build Campaign

Once all research and planning have been completed, our digital agency begin to set up your campaign. This process involves creating all the copy for your advertisements, building any landing pages and putting together custom-made text and imagery for display ads

Testing and Optimization

As part of our management routine, your ads will be continuously tested and refined with the end goal of obviously having the best possible conversions

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